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SE District Quarter Peal Fortnight, 2011

This year’s quarter peal fortnight ran from 22nd October to 5th November. Thirteen quarter peals were rung, quite a bit down on last year’s figure, due in the most part to people taking advantage of the mild weather and going away during half-term. However 51 ringers took part; we had one ringing his first quarter peal, and three others ringing their first in the chosen method. It is always satisfying when ringers take advantage of these occasions to achieve a particular target. In addition, there were one or two quarter peal attempts which didn’t succeed, but we are very grateful to those taking part for making the effort.

Peter Harper

25th October

Offton - 1310 Spliced Surprise Major

26th October

Pettistree - 1272 Beverley Surprise Minor
Wickham Market - 1260 Doubles – 4m

27th October

Tannington - 1260 Doubles – 4m
Helmingham - 1344 Plain Bob Major

28th October

Hollesley - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

30th October

Orford - 1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
Ipswich, St Mary-le-Tower - 1440 PB Minor

31st October

Wickham Market - 1260 Doubles – 2m

1st November

Debenham - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

3rd November

Ipswich, St Lawrence - 1260 Doubles – 3 m

4th November

Hollesley - 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Earl Stonham - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles