Tuesday 21st May 2024

SE District Quarter Peal Fortnight, 2010

It is some time since the SE District had a concentrated period for quarter peals, so we decided to have a fortnight which encompassed the October half-term and which culminated in the usual district ringing practice on the first Saturday of November.

Things were very slow to get going with only a handful rung in the first week and it looked as though it might turn out to be a damp squib, but as we went into the second week the ball started rolling, so that by bonfire night the damp squib had turned into a roman candle, and we ended up with 24 quarters rung, with 80 ringers taking part; altogether a most satisfactory outcome for a first try.

The quarters rung included three ringing their first quarters, one first quarter peal for 25 years, two firsts in the method, one first of maximus as conductor, one first of spliced minor and one first of spliced minor as conductor. There were also some notable personal milestones, 100th as conductor and 400th quarter peal (Tom Scase) and 900th as conductor (Mike Whitby).

The fortnight ended with members of the Scase family ringing their first quarter peal together; an excellent achievement and the first of many more we hope.

We would like to try this again next year and perhaps those who didnít take part this year can be persuaded to have a go.

Quarters rung:

Sunday 24th October

Monewden - 1440 S Minor (4m)

Monday 25th October

Winston - 1260 Doubles (6m)

Tuesday 26th October

Ufford - 1260 Doubles (5m)

Wednesday 27th October

Pettistree - 1260 Doubles (5m)

Friday 29th October

Cretingham - 1280 Doubles (6m)
Earl Soham - 1298 Cambridge S Minor
Hollesley - 1260 Doubles (3m)

Sunday 31st October

Ipswich, St Margaret - 1260 Doubles (2m)
Ipswich, St Mary‑le‑Tower - 1246 Yorkshire S Maximus

Monday 1st November

Wickham Market - 1260 PB Doubles

Tuesday 2nd November

Brandeston - 1260 PB Doubles
Ipswich, St Lawrence - 1260 Doubles (3m)
Offton - 1344 London Surprise Major

Wednesday 3rd November

Kettleburgh - 1260 PB Doubles
Pettistree - 1260 St Clements B Minor
Sproughton - 1260 PB Doubles

Thursday 4th November

Grundisburgh - 1260Doubles (2m)
Kettleburgh - 1272 St Clements B Minor
Tannington - 1320 S Minor (2m)

Friday 5th November

Earl Stonham - 1260 PB Doubles
Hollesley - 1260 Doubles (3m)

Saturday 6th November

Debenham - 1344 PB Major
Stutton - 1260 Doubles (4m)

Sunday 7th November

Monewden - 1260 PB Doubles