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Ridgman Trophy Ten Bell Striking Competition
Saturday 19th June 2010

Suffolk Guild Band

The event was held at Great St Mary in Cambridge.


Place Band Marks
1st Hertford County Association 356
2nd Suffolk Guild of Ringers 335
3rd Norwich Diocesan Association 328
4th Peterborough Diocesan Guild 327
5th Essex Association 323
6th Bedfordshire Association 316
7th Cambridge University Guild of Change Ringers 307
8th Lincoln Diocesan Guild 289
9th Ely Diocesan Association 274

Full report, including judges comments and pictures. (Use the left hand menu on the Ely DA web site to select Striking Competitions, then select the Ridgman Trophy Ten Bell Striking Competition, Results.)

Suffolk Guild Band

1 Mike Whitby 6 Ian Holland
2 Chris Munnings 7 Ralph Earey
3 Ruth Eagle 8 Philip Gorrod
4 Tom Scase 9 David Potts
5 Maggie Ross 10 Richard Munnings


Next year's competition will be held at St Mary‑le‑Tower, Ipswich.