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NW District Quarter Peal Week 2010
11th - 18th April

Yet another hugely successful Quarter Peal Week for the District! (Thatís a week including 2 weekends, as has become traditional). Weíve been doing this for 4 years now and incredible that each year has topped the one which went before. So, this year saw an almighty total of 32 quarter peals, as well as three quarter-peal-lengths of Devon call changes at Walsham, Wattisfield and Redgrave. There were only 3 losses. Some of the less loved and more challenging towers in the District were rung during the week and a large number of the membership from all five Deaneries took part.

An enjoyable day out in the Mildenhall Deanery resulted in four quarters that day and new member Alison Evans is to be congratulated on her enthusiasm and resulting progress, and also Gordon Slack who rang his 500th quarter during the week. Notable too was the involvement of many of our younger ringers, enthusiastically embracing Singles and Minimus, as well as Royal at the other end of the spectrum. The quarter at Bury was Alex Tatlow's first on 10 and as conductor. The leading conductor was Louis Suggett with 11, but Alex Tatlow and Lesley Wilson both conducted 5 each, and in total there were 10 conductors.

Thanks are also due to our friends from other Districts who took part in some of the quarters. As well as the impressive ringing achievements, the Quarter Peal Week also managed to raise a huge amount for Help for Heroes Ė so thanks, and well done to all.

Ruth Suggett

Saturday 10th April

Badwell Ash - 1320 Doubles (3m)

Great Barton - 1260 Doubles (5m/1v)

Stowlangtoft - 1296 Minimus (3m)

Sunday 11th April

Euston - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

Lavenham - 1260 Plain Bob Triples

Rougham - 1260 Single Oxford/ Plain Bob Minor

Monday 12th April

Ampton - 1272 Double Court Minimus

Fornham All Saints - 1260 Grandsire Doubles

Great Finborough - 1260 Doubles (5m)

West Stow - 1279 Grandsire Doubles

Tuesday 13th April

Buxhall - 1260 Doubles (2m)

Hunston - 1260 Doubles (3m/v)

Wednesday 14th April

Bardwell - 1260 Plain Bob Triples

Brandon - 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor

Eriswell - 1260 Doubles (2m)

Freckenham - 1260 Doubles (21m/v)

Mildenhall - 1260 Doubles (3m/1v)

Thursday 15th April

The Norman Tower - 1260 Plain Bob Royal

Earl Stonham - 1260 Doubles (3m)

Horringer - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

Rougham - 1260 Minor (2m)

Friday 16th April

Hinderclay - 1260 Doubles (5m)

Thelnetham - 1260 Grandsire Doubles

Thrandeston - 1260 Single Canterbury B Minor

Tostock - 1260 Doubles (5m)

Saturday 17th April

Finningham - 1260 Reverse Bob Singles

Old Newton - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

Wyverstone - 1260 Plain Bob Singles

Sunday 18th April

Bildeston - 1320 Kent Treble Bob

Buxhall - 1260 Grandsire Doubles

Pakenham - 1260 Plain Bob Minor

Tostock - 1320 Doubles (10m)