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The Debenham Ringers' Walk
Saturday 11th October 2008

Debenham Ringers Walk October 2008

The format for this event is to park near a village church, walk to another through the countryside by the most desirable route, ring the bells and have lunch in the local pub. Return to the starting point by a different route and ring the bells there.

This year we parked at Wingfield, walked to Weybread rang the bells there before lunch in the Crown and returned to Wingfield to ring again. This lovely country walk, under a gorgeous October sun and moderately dry under foot, was about seven miles long and twelve of the ringers of the Debenham band took part.

Apart from the pleasure of walking and talking to those you enjoy being with and the countryside, there are a few matters concerning footpaths these days. We walked to the centre of a large field, took a left turn along the ‘tramlines’ to the adjacent hedge; the hedge and ditch have been removed without re-routing the path. As Tower Captain and her family discovered when planning the walk some footpaths end abruptly at an impenetrable hedge others pass over a stile adjacent to an open gate. Of course Jenny knowingly climbed the stile to see if all would follow, and yes….they did. Some walks are hard at the beginning and easier towards the end. Others are the other way round, ending over hills pursued by the leaders with increasing speed in case we are late, yes again….. Why is it said that this area is flat?

Many thanks Jenny, Robert and Tom for setting up this perfect outing and to the hosts of the Churches we visited, who made sure we enjoyed their bells.

Debenham Ringers Walk October 2008Debenham Ringers Walk October 2008Debenham Ringers Walk October 2008

John Taylor