Saturday 13th July 2024

Young Ringers' Summer Outing 2012

Young Ringers.

On the 8th of August a merry band of both young and not quite so young ringers from Bardwell and Great Barton assembled in the leafy churchyard of St Andrew’s Tostock for what was to be a day of much ringing across our beautiful county. As I said, our day started at Tostock, a very light well pealed ring of six just off junction 46 of the A14, with some successful ringing up in peal and ended with the same quality of ringing down. In the middle we focused on Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles to give the method its full title, for Ruth’s learners from Bardwell, Christopher and Harry who gave a valiant and again successful effort with the rest of us from Great Barton; Neal, Sally, Clare and Simon filling in the gaps where and whenever we were needed. Thanks must go to Maurice Rose who came along especially to assist us at our little practice. Thank you Maurice!

Now for a trip over the border into deepest South East district for the Wednesday lunch time practice at the world’s oldest five of Ipswich St. Lawrence where we were very warmly welcomed to the slow turning five by many smiling faces who were both surprised and delighted to see such large influx of people up the ringing chamber which overlooks the nave of the 13th church now turned cafe. Due to our large audience of the town centre just call changes were attempted but this gave us an opportunity to concentrate on our striking on a set of bells that can’t be rushed or beaten around. Unlike our next tower or shed in our case at The Wolery where the Salter family made us most welcome with the offer of drinks etc. After a quick lunch we made our way down the garden of 76 Rectory Road to the subterranean world of this 8 bell 9lb mini ring. To start with, the technique was the main aim with all of us picking it up quickly, mainly due to the gratefully received guidance of both Colin and George. The ringing involved call changes, plain hunt, and plain bob finishing on the high of Kent Treble Bob Minor. I’d like to finish by thanking those involved in this great day on behalf of us all who took part, especially Ruth for co-ordinating all the ringing in her usual efficient style. Look and listen out for more young ringer events with another ringing packed day already being planned for Christmas time.

Neal Dodge- Great Barton