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Woodbridge Ringers’ Annual Barbecue

Picture: Please form an orderly queueOn the evening of 22nd August 2008, the Woodbridge ringers held their annual barbecue in the garden of the Rectory. They were joined by their partners, the clergy, the churchwardens, and the Rector’s dog. The chef was the Rector, Revd Kevan McCormack, who spent most of the evening slaving over hot coals cooking burgers, sausages and chicken, and the wine waiters were Revd John Hare and Revd Paul Hamblin. Various cold salad dishes were provided by the ringers, as were several yummy puddings. Naturally there was a plentiful supply of wine (and soft drinks) to make the evening go with a swing.

The evening stayed fine and warm, enabling us to enjoy a BBQ as it should be, i.e. out doors.

At the end, a small presentation was made to Mrs John Hare on the occasion of her birthday, and to Revd McCormack as a thank you for allowing us the use of his house and garden and for his skills on the barbecue.

Picture: Dinner is served Picture: I'll have a drop of each, please Picture: I don't want my wine diluted Picture: What do you think of the wine waiter? Picture: So this is bellringing

Bruce Wakefield