Thursday 23rd May 2024

Guild Training Day 2008

Another October, another crisp, sunny autumn day. Perfect for a trip to the coast and thankfully many agreed. Pupils from as far away as Wenhaston came to sample the delights of The Listening Course which we used so successfully for last years training day.

The beauty of the course is its flexibility. There is essentially a guideline of start at 10, go to the pub at 12.30, return at some point in the afternoon and finish sometime around 4. What happens in between then is completely flexible and - to use management speak - reactive.

Three elements make up the course - a simulator working in conjunction with one or more bells, a striking corrector computer programme and a listening CD. More details can be found in the report on last year's training day, so I won't bore you with them again, but suffice to say it is a varied and interesting day that marks this training day out from the more traditional training day.

It has the unusual 'guarantee' that almost invariably all the students come away visibly improved or at the least equipped with the skills to quickly improve as the hearing sense - ultimately the most important in ringing - is heightened.

Another benefit is that so long as you can at least ring rounds, this course can help you, even if you think you know it all, putting theory and practical in together. Ruthie rang Bristol Major and Superlative Major whilst us Munnings boys realised we can't ring Bob Major! Suffice to say Mason - and others - were much amused. It is also all done with none of the villagers having a clue it is going on!

The pub lunch was held as it usually is on the listening course in The Shepherd and Dog in the village and was fast and tasty as per usual.

Well done to everyone who partook and a plea to people to make use of this and similar facilities, including the newly acquired one at Stowmarket. We have used the simulator at Hollesley for the last two Guild training days, but it's very nature and Hollesley's hospitality mean you are welcome almost anytime!

Thanks to Alan, Micky, Kate and Ruthie for their help in running the course, looking after the boy (and my brother) and ensuring we were refreshed and look out for next year's training day, which will be on Saturday, 17th, October, 2009.

Richard Munnings