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SW District Striking Competition 22nd June 2019

This year's competition was held at Little Cornard.

Little Cornard.

The Suffolk SW District Striking Competition 2019 was held at Lt. Cornard on Saturday 22nd June. Although the church is in the back of beyond, it was well signposted, with a huge field to park in right next to the church.

Seven teams took part with David Lee organizing the proceedings.   The two judges, David Culham and Guy Nelson, were suitably ensconced in the graveyard and the rest of us caught up with old and new friends in the sunshine outside. The Lt Cornard ringers had put tables and chairs outside which made the atmosphere very relaxed.  Tea and coffee was on tap throughout the ringing.

As for the competition, only one team rang a method,  and that was Kersey scratch team.  All the other teams rang call changes, with very little difference in the points between the first three teams.

Having finished the ringing we sat down to a superb 'bring and share' tea.  The tables were groaning with delicious food, and again the tea and coffee flowed. The Lt Cornard team did a sterling job and made everyone feel so welcome.

After the tea we all went into the church to listen to the judges' comments.  The major points put across were that we should listen to our bells and also lead with an open hand stroke.


Method Competition
Position Tower Faults
1st Kersey 51
Call Change Competition
Position Tower Faults
1st Haverhill 64
2nd Nayland 72
3rd Polstead 76
4th St. Gregory's 98
5th= Hadleigh 118
5th= Stratford St Mary/Higham 118

Vicky de-Vries, Nayland Tower