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Susan Schurr's 85th Birthday Quarter
October 2008

Susan Schurr's Birthday Quarter Peal Band 30/10/2008

Susan started to learn to ring in 1997 in preparation for the Millennium. She rang her first quarter, at Pettistree, on 4th October 1998. For her 80th birthday she rung in her first quarter of Norwich.

Ufford, Suffolk
Thursday, 30th October 2008
1385 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Don Morrison
1 Gill Waterson 5 Jonathan Stevens
2 Susan Schurr 6 Alan McBurnie
3 Ruth Eagle 7 Mike Whitby (C)
4 Kate Eagle 8 Mary Garner
With the band's very best wishes to
Susan Schurr on her 85th birthday.
First on eight: 2.