Friday 15th November 2019

Ringing Software

The descriptions below have been produced by the software suppliers, not The Suffolk Guild of Ringers.

Abel for Windows

Abel for Windows is the latest in a line of bellringing simulator programs... Abel for Windows runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It does not run on Windows NT.

Abel for Windows homepage.


BELTOWER is multi-functional software for change ringing, incorporating a bell ringing simulator, method, touch and peal printing, editing, composer, prover and much more...

BELTOWER homepage.

Method Master

Method Master is the quick and easy way to draw and print methods in lots of different formats. It can also highlight the musical bits and extract false course heads.

Method Master homepage.


TowerBase is a computer database program for PCs that run the Microsoft Windows operating system. It contains details of 7419 UK and overseas towers with bells hung for ringing in the English "full circle" style of ringing.

Towerbase homepage.


WinRK is a database application to assist in organising all your ringing performances, in such a way that you can readily analyse and report on all the things that matter to you. Whether it is a quarter peal, full peal, tower or handbells, WinRK can effectively record it for you. Furthermore, you can also import records from Andrew Craddock’s Peal Base.

WinRK is available for PCs with Windows operating systems, and you can even download a free 30-day trial to assess it before purchasing.

WinRK homepage

More Ringing Software

Lists of software and some reviews can be found at:

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