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North West District Striking Competition & BBQ
Saturday 8th June 2013

Richinghall Superior.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.NW Striking Competition 2013.

The above competition was held on Saturday, 8th June, 2013, at Rickinghall Superior (6 bells tenor 9cwt). This was the first time for several years that the North West District had organised a traditional competition having had fun striking competitions as an annual event. Although the latter can make for an enjoyable day out, it was nevertheless felt that a return to a traditional competition would be of much more benefit to try and improve striking generally.

Rickinghall Superior, as those who have rung there will know, are a challenging ring, but all the bands taking part rose admirably to this challenge and the general standard of the ringing was really good.

The competition included a call change element, and 3 of the 7 teams taking part, namely Thornham Magna/Eye/Redgrave, Great Barton and Bury St. Edmunds Alpha rang call changes.

The remaining teams, Stowmarket, Stowmarket Deanery, Bury St Edmunds A and Rougham all rang a method.

A new call change shield had been provided by Chris Davies, Neville Whittell and Winston Girling and this was presented to the call change winners, Bury St. Edmunds Alpha. Great Barton were placed second and Thornham Magna/Eye/Redgrave third. The faults were 15, 16 and 68 respectively.

For the remaining teams Stowmarket and Stowmarket Deanery were joint winners, with Bury St Edmunds A second and Rougham third. The Win and Henry Ivings shield was presented to the winning teams. Faults were 12, 19 and 51 respectively.

May I congratulate the winning bands of the day, and thank all for taking part and making the day such a resounding success. Thanks must also go to Jeremy Spiller for judging the competition so efficiently.

Lastly, I cannot thank enough Briony and Chris Davies who invited us to their home at Redgrave for a barbeque to round off the day. This was much enjoyed and appreciated by all.

It would be great to see even more teams taking part next year,

Thank you all,

Winston Girling,
District Ringing Master
Win and Henry Ivings Shield
Position Tower Faults
1st= Stowmarket 12½
1st= Stowmarket Deanery 12½
3rd The Norman Tower A 19½
4th Rougham 51½
Call-Change Shield
Position Tower Faults
1st The Norman Tower α 15
2nd Great Barton 16½
3rd Thornham Magna/Eye/Redgrave 68½