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NW District Quarter Peal Week
Saturday 5th - Sunday 13th April 2014

A total of 19 quarters were rung for the above between 6th and 13th April. This was two more than last year and these were rung at 16 District towers with one (over the border) at Edwardstone. There were 10 conductors, with notably 5 new names for this year Neil Dodge (PB Minimus at Ampton) Laura Davies (PB Triples at Bardwell) Betty Baines, Louis Suggett, Clare Veal (PB Doubles at Gt Barton) and Timothy Hart (who rounded of the week with Erin Caters at the Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds).

Conductors were Lesley Steed and Winston Girling (4 each) David Howe (3) and Louis Suggett (2)  The remaining conductors had one each.

This was a first class effort by all who arranged, conducted and took part in these quarter-peals. It is a clear indication in my view of the health and increasing vigour of our District. It is also excellent to see the increasing participation by our very talented young ringers. Well done to all.

Winston Girling
District Ringing Master

Saturday,  5th April

Ampton - 1272 Plain Bob Minimus

Bacton - 1260 Single Oxford Bob Minor

Wickham Skeith - 1260 Newton Bob Minor

Sunday,6th April

Old Newton - 1260 Doubles (4m)

Monday, 7th April

Bardwell - 1260 Plain Bob Triples

Thornham Magna - 1320 Plain Bob Minor

Thurston - 1260Double Bob Minor

Tuesday, 8th April

Tostock - 1260 Grandsire Doubles

Wednesday, 9th April

Ixworth - 1344 London Surprise Major

Thursday 10th April

Great Barton - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles

Rougham - 1260 Grandsire Doubles

Friday 11th April

Edwardstone - 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor

Wickham Skeith - 1440 Plain Bob Minor

Saturday, 12 April

Buxhall - 1260 Doxey Bob Minor

Great Finborough - 1260 Doubles

Stowmarket - 1260 Plain Bob Triples

Sunday 13th April

The Norman Tower - 1295 Erin Caters