Tuesday 21st May 2024

National Youth Striking Competition 2012
Saturday 30th June at St Paul's Birmingham

Suffolk Band.Charmborough Mini-ring.

On Saturday three car loads of ringers made the long trek over to Birmingham for the Ringing World National Youth Striking Competition.

This took place at St. Paul's church in the Jewellery Quarter, a fine setting with plenty of grassed churchyard to sit in whilst attempting to listen to the performances. Nobody had thought to open the sound proofing and the bells were almost inaudible especially when the Charmborough Mini-ring started up.

Twelve teams entered, nine ringing call changes and three, including Suffolk, ringing method. Our test piece of two courses of Plain Bob triples went ok with one minor method mistake but too many dropped backstrokes and a difficulty in coming to grips with this good ring of bells leading to a disjointed effect though 5,6,7 rang well. We placed third in our group leaving room for improvement next year. Well done to Alex T for organising our youth team. Next year we will see if George can stand up to the task and get them together for practices etc.

Good for them for not taking the easy way out and ringing call changes.

Jed Flatters