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1st Peal on the Rehung Ixworth Bells
Monday 29th March, 2009

Exactly one year on from the final peal on the old six at Ixworth, the first peal on 8 was rung there yesterday, 29 March. With a deft twist of timing which could not have been planned any better, it was rung on the day the new Team Rector Revd Phillip Garbett took his first service, just as last year's peal was rung on the day the retiring Rector, Revd Philip Oliver took his last service. It was a fitting and very satisfying conclusion to the project. The peal ringers descended the tower steps to be greeted by Revd Garbett, his wife Ingrid and local ringers from Ixworth, Bardwell and Euston who had laid on tea and cake which was much appreciated.

Ruth Suggett