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Ixworth Dedication
18th April 2010

Ixworth Dedication

Spring flowers adorned Ixworth Church for the Dedication Service held this afternoon and led by Bishop Clive. A congregation of approximately 75 people listened to a witty yet thoughtful reflection by the Bishop in his sermon on the lines of the hymn 'Rejoice again, I say rejoice' - complete with improvised banter with George Pipe, much to everyone's amusement. The newly appointed Tower Captain Danny Willis received a symbolic bellrope and the celebrations were completed afterwards with tea and scones and a bit of ringing - watched on CCTV by those who were more tempted by the tea.

The photograph shows from left to right, Chris Nunn, Brian White of White's of Appleton, Louise Whitehead with Ilana, Ken Brown, Kay Nunn, Lucy, Edith Nurse, Jan Tomlinson, Bishop Clive, Ruth Suggett, David Reeve, Danny Willis, Les Nunn, Richard Lawrence and the Reverend Phillip Garbett (Rector).