Tuesday 21st May 2024

ITTS (Integrated Teacher Training Scheme) Course
The Cathedral, Saturday 9th June 2012

The Guild hosted the first ITTS course  at the Cathedral in Bury on Saturday 9th June with Graham Nabb from Kineton in Warwickshire tutoring us.

Chosen volunteers from each of our four districts, together with Dawn Pullan (ringing master of the NDA) and Paul Norris attended, either as trainee teachers or as mentors, plus David Strong from the W&P as an observer. In all some 18 people were given  intense theory and practise sessions either in the tower or in the lecture room.

Graham has a gift for talking to people and holding their attention and he quickly explained how the ITTS was set up, structure, and how new thinking was given to teaching ringing based on other physical sport type activities.

In the tower we were shown simple excersises to develop best handling styles which although so obvious were new to most of us and better still they work!

Role playing trainer and pupil followed, fun but not quite the real thing though those of us playing the slow or difficult learner enjoyed teasing their trainers with ever type of poor or incorrect handling one could think of.

What next? Back to our own towers with raw recruits and putting theory into practice, time will tell if we took note and how we apply ourselves.