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News from St Mary’s, Halesworth
December 2008

Our visit from the bell-hanger at Whitechapel furnished us, as requested, with a variety of quotes for completing work on the bells; the most basic level was to fix the treble with its old fittings right through to the expensive option of rehanging all eight bells.

After a very useful meeting, we decided to go for Option 2. This involves only the treble, but rather than just fixing it to make it ringable once more, it will be retuned and rehung.

After a few negotiations, we were successful in making an insurance claim for part of the work. Obviously, the Insurers won’t pay for the bell to be improved, but have agreed to pay for the repair, as it was an accident (two cannons broke off) which led to its demise. Coupled with a very generous donation which is being given to commemorate a former Tower Captain, we have been able to put our order in with Whitechapel and hope to have all eight ringing again in the Spring.

The intention is then to follow up Quote 5 (the “full monty”) within the next few years, and do some serious fund-raising, in line with the rest of the church to get the remaining seven bells up to standard.

Maggie Ross