Thursday 23rd May 2024

Guild Peal Week 2007

The week before the first Suffolk Guild Peal Week in years didn't bode well. Heavy snow brought large parts of the county to a standstill and bird flu loomed as other parts of the county were restricted. However, as the beginning of the peal week arrived, the snow had disappeared and with few members carrying poultry to peals we were free to commence.

If everything had gone to plan, 56 members would've rung fourteen peals at twelve different venues, lead by eight different conductors, with a number of firsts. Although peals were lost at Kempston in Bedfordshire, Orford, Monewden, Grundisburgh, Rendham and the mini-ring at Claydon, Ann Quilton scored her first peal in accomplished style at Monewden, Barry Dixon got his first Cambridge and Lincolnshire Major and three rang their first on 12. Also, the peal at Stowmarket was unable to go ahead due to an injury to a band member in the week leading up to it. This was a particular shame as it was to be Louis Suggett's first as conductor at the age of fifteen.

As well as all this, the peal week inspired the Halesworth band to ring a local band peal at Rumburgh, due to be rung on the 28th February due to other commitments during peal week itself. Thanks must go to all those who turned out to ring and conduct and to those who allowed their bells to be used (especially Horringer at less than 24 hours notice!). I look forward to even more successes and better luck in Peal Week 2008! Also best wishes must go to our Peal Secretary, Christine Knight: we all hope to see her back ringing soon.

Aldeburgh, SS Peter & Paul, Suffolk
Sunday 11th February 2007 2h 40 (11cwt)
5088 Unthank Surprise Major
1 Michael J Edwards 5 Katherine J Eagle
2 Mary S Garner 6 Mary E Dunbavin
3 Katharine J Salter 7 Richard T L Rapior
4 Roger L K Whittell 8 Alan P Mayle (C)
First peal in the method by all and for The Guild.
Reydon, St Margaret, Suffolk
Sunday 11th February 2007 2h 28 (10cwt)
5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Comp. S D Pettman
1 Julia J Johnson 4 Peter W Harper
2 Stephen D Pettman (C) 5 Ruth Eagle
3 Helen Y Price 6 Richard J Munnings
First of Minor: 1
Rung on the tenth anniversary of the first peal on the bells.
Grundisburgh, St Mary-the-Virgin, Suffolk
Monday 12th February 2007 2h 54 (8cwt)
5015 Grandsire Cinques
Comp. S D Pettman
1 Stephen D Pettman (C) 7 Revd Geoffrey P Clement
2 Brian E Whiting 8 Barry J Dixon
3 Mary S Garner 9 Roger L K Whittell
4 Winston S Girling 10 Richard J Munnings
5 Katherine J Eagle 11 Ruth Eagle
6 Louis Suggett 12 Jonathan J Stevens
First on 12: 6, 7 & 8
Dalham, St Mary, Suffolk
Tuesday 13th February 2007 2h 56 (14cwt)
5186 Cambridge Surprise Major
Comp. J M Goldthorpe & J S Warboys
1 Stephen D Pettman (C) 5 Michael G Clements
2 Mary Allum 6 Barry J Dixon
3 Mary E Dunbavin 7 Simon A Rudd
4 Louis Suggett 8 Richard J Munnings
First Surprise Major: 4
First Cambridge Major: 5
Old Stoke, Ipswich, The Wolery, Suffolk
Wednesday 14th February 2007 1h 38m (9lb)
5040 Netherseale Surprise Minor
Comp. David G Salter
1 Michael J Edwards 4 Anne Carpenter
2 Mary E Dunbavin 5 George E Thoday
3 Katharine J Salter 6 David G Salter (C)
First in the method by all except 5 and for The Guild.
In memory of Agnes Price on the day of her funeral.
Horringer, St Leonard of Limoges, Suffolk
Friday 16th February 2007 2h 27 (9cwt)
5152 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Comp. S Humphrey (re-arranged)
1 James A Smith 5 Ruth Eagle
2 Stephen D Pettman (C) 6 Barry J Dixon
3 Mary S Garner 7 Winston S Girling
4 David A Potts 8 Richard J Munnings
First Lincolnshire: 6
Monewden, St Mary, Suffolk
Saturday 17th February 2007 2h 25 (5cwt)
5040 4 Doubles Methods
(Morris' 240 & 10 extents Grandsire,
12 extents Reverse Canterbury, 17 Plain Bob, 1 St Simons)
1 Ann Quilton 4 James A Smith (C)
2 Katherine J Eagle 5 David I Stanford
3 Richard J Munnings 6 Ruth Eagle
First peal: 1
Remembering Henry Stanford who died 17th February 2006,
father of the fifth ringer.

Richard J Munnings