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St Mary the Virgin, Gislingham: Dedication of the Bells
Sunday 16th December 2007

Picture of St Mary the Virgin, GislinghamAnother eight for Suffolk - the augmention and restoration of a fine six, not rung full-circle since the twenties, and in one of the county's loveliest churches. What a fine quartet - Mendlesham, Cotton, Bacton and Gislingham!

A splendid effort by the villagers and supporters to raise the money and see the project through , spearheaded by June Kingwell with a great deal of support from Peter Lucas and the rest of the committee. Excellent work by Whites of Appleton and now a keen local band being taught. The Tower Captain is Sonia Charnley.

Bell Weight Note Dia. Date Founder Name
1 4-2-15 E 27.75" 2006 Whitechapel Etheldreda
2 4-3-18 D# 28.75" 2006 Whitechapel David
3 5-0-08 C# 30.75" 1814 William Dobson Cuthbert
4 5-3-6 B 32.5" 1641 Miles Graye II Bede
5 6-0-25 A 34" 1641 Miles Graye II Alban
6 8-3-4 G# 37.88" 1641 Miles Graye II Gilbert
7 10-3-12 F# 40.56" 1671 John Darbie Felix
8 14-1-23 E 44.88" 1671 John Darbie Edmund

December 16th 2007 was a happy day for the village: the Dedication of a new ring by Bishop Nigel Stock; his first bells dedication since his enthronement as the Bishop of the Diocese.

George Pipe