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Campsea Ashe Ringing Festival
6th June 2009

Campsea Ashe Ringing Festival 2009 - Sweffling Team

This year’s fundraising Festival, held on Saturday 6th June in aid of the restoration and augmentation of Campsea Ashe bells, brought together about forty-five ringers from all over Suffolk. Each band brought their own judge, who did not need to be a ringer, and the aim of the afternoon was to make the most pleasant sound possible on the bells. Those of you who have rung at Campsea Ashe will know that their sound is memorable, but not always pleasing! So it was an afternoon of friendly competition, trying out the recently acquired Suffolk Guild mini-ring, ringing hand bells and chatting with ringing friends. Some brought garden chairs and enjoyed the sun in the churchyard, whilst others rang quarter peals at nearby Wickham Market, Hacheston and Parham.

At the end of the afternoon we enjoyed a delicious meal organised by Sheila and Tim Holmes in their garden. The results were eagerly anticipated. Had Hollesley kept the cup? This year’s results were very close and the winners were Sweffling. About £300 was raised at this event for the Bell Project, which takes us closer to our target of £95,000. For more information about the Project, do look at

Glenys Fear