Friday 22nd October 2021

Promotional Banners


Three promotional banners are available to use in conjunction with The Vestey Ring. They are easy to assemble and come in fabric carry cases (four in total). The bases may be filled with water for extra stability, and although they are described as 'storm' banners and could probably withstand a degree of bad weather, it is not recommended that they are used outside in poor weather conditions. The size of the banners and their stands, when assembled, is approximately 2m by .75m.

While the banners are intended to be used with the Vestey Ring, they may also be used by any tower which has a need for some eye-catching promotional material - for example on a Tower Open Day, or when a peal is being rung - or indeed any other community event. We strongly encourage our members to use them so please contact if you want to borrow them.