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Suffolk Guild of Ringers

Annual General Meeting, Saturday 10th April 2010

The Proposed Changes to the Constitution were passed with one Amendment

B4 to read: Churches within the Diocese may be affiliated to the Guild on payment of an annual donationof an amount at least equal to the subscription of a Ringing Member, aged 65 - 74.

D6: revised as follows:


(6.1 & 6.2 to be unchanged.)

6.3 Vice-Presidents elected before 2010 shall hold office for life and shall not be required to pay a subscription.

6.4 A non-member may be elected as a Patron at an AGM. Patrons shall hold office without re-election, but may be removed by a resolution at an AGM.

6.5 (to be deleted)

D8: Members shall be elected to the following Offices: Change “Newsletter Editor” to “Magazine Editor”, add “Mini-Ring Trustee”.

Election of Officers

The Secretary and Treasurer did not stand for re-election, having been in post for five years. Mandy Shedden was elected Secretary and Gordon Slack as Treasurer. Gillian Wakefield retired as Librarian after sixteen years and Abby Antrobus was elected in her place.

Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

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