Thursday 23rd May 2024

Ideas and Resources for Virtual Ringing/Social Activities

  1. The ART website has drawn together a really good library of resources and ideas which are accessible even if you are not a member. The September edition of Tower Talk also has some good ideas.
  2. Ringing World articles – many of these are from ART but, if you don’t want to visit the ART website, here are a few:-
  3. Other ideas:-
    Most towers have probably now discovered zoom (or an equivalent - Microsoft Teams) for ‘social’ gatherings (including coffee, quizzes and pub sessions) to keep your tower members in touch but I wonder if you have thought about using it for one of the following:-
    • A talk by a guest speaker (it doesn’t have to be about ringing – you might find that a member of your local tower/District/Guild has another passion or skill other than ringing!)
    • A training session (both theory and practical sessions are possible with a bit of planning)
    • A training day (or even a weekend/week) – see G&B Summer School
    • A virtual tower outing (even including a trip to a brewery) – see Virtual Ringers Spring Tour
  4. Virtual Ringing Platforms
  5. YouTube Resources
  6. Other Resources