Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Proposed rule changes at AGM 23rd April 2022

Rule H2.3 ‘Persons in full time education and members over 70 years of age shall pay a reduced rate of subscription.’
rationale: in order to accommodate a proposed change in subscriptions rates, including a concessionary rate for 80+

Rule E16 to be removed, and rules E17 to 22 re-numbered accordingly.
rationale: to reflect the fact that the St Peter's Sudbury Fund has been dissolved

Rule 8 (Striking Competition rules) First sentence to be amended to ‘The Guild Ringing Master may, at their discretion, specify the method and composition which are to be rung’.
rationale: to remove gender-specific wording

Rule 12 ‘The Mitson Shield, Lester Brett Trophy and the Rose Trophy are, and shall always remain, the sole property of the Guild, which may at any time give directions for their locations and safe keeping’.
rationale: to include the Lester Brett Trophy