Tuesday 21st May 2024

District Secretaries' Check List

The Annual report is compiled in January and usually has to be at the printer for 3/4 weeks in order to be delivered and distributed in advance of the Guild AGM. Once all the information has been received from the various contributors, the layout has to be done, which takes several weeks. Some information, such as the peals, quarter peals, compositions and the accounts cannot be finalised until the middle of January, which means the Report Editor must have received and done the layout for all the other sections by that time. Therefore, as soon as possible after your Annual District Meeting, please send the following information to the Report Editor:

If you think there should be any changes to the information contained in the Tower Directory please do not send them to the Report Editor.  They should be directed to the Belfry Advisory Committee, please.

Your help and co-operation is very much appreciated. It would also be very helpful if all this information is sent simultaneously to the webmaster.


Michelle Williams