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To all Suffolk Bellringers -
You have a very important job to do
on November 29th!

The White Ribbon campaign is an international event highlighting violence perpetrated against women. Last year several towers rung their bells to show their solidarity with the campaign, but this year we are asking you all to ring!

Bells have traditionally been used to transmit messages and when you ring yours on Saturday 29th November at 12 noon, there will be 2 of them.

First, all this joyful noise means we are ‘Ending the Silence on Domestic Violence’. Just as more and more people are talking about it now, so all the victims who suffer in silence will hear the bells ringing, wherever they are, in houses, or in shops. In pubs, in the street, in the garden- the sound of the bells will penetrate everywhere.

So the second message is similar to the first. Not only are all the victims of Domestic Violence experiencing the silence broken by the bells, but they are not alone. Hundreds and hundreds are going through the same experiences. They will hear the bells as you ring them. The message your bells tell is for everyone- domestic violence will be talked about, and people are not alone. We owe it to everyone then to ring out those bells and work together to make a difference.

Kathleen Ben Rabha
Coordinator for The White Ribbon Campaign