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Trustees' Annual Report 2007

The Trustees present their report and financial statements for the year 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2007.


The Suffolk Guild of Ringers was registered with the Charity Commission on 10 December 1975, registration number 266869. The charity's registered address is 9 The Gallops, Old Station Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8LA. It is governed under a constitution originally registered in 1977 and revised 1999.

Principal Objectives

The purpose of the charity is to promote and encourage the practice of bellringing; to recruit, train and encourage bellringers in the practice of their art; and to cultivate the art of scientific change ringing.


The Trustees during the period were as follows:

Chairman W S Girling
The Ringing Master R Munnings
Treasurer K Ashton Jones
Secretary M Garner

Review of Progress and Achievements

Belllringing Activities

Throughout the year Sunday and special service ringing has taken place for most services in the Guild’s 178 ringing towers. Regular practices have been held in almost 100 towers where training takes place for beginners and more experienced ringers. In addition there have been monthly activities in each of the four Guild districts both ringing and social. The Guild held an annual training day and there have been 117 Peals rung for the Guild during 2007 in 42 Suffolk towers, and 7 outside the county. 339 quarter peals have been rung in Suffolk towers enabling many members to improve their skills and keep this ancient art progressing.

Restoration Activities

Grants have been agreed for help with restoration projects at Fressingfield, Stonham Aspal, Campsea Ashe, Stradishall and Elmsett. Projects employing professionals also use local labour from amongst the ringers and congregations to assist wherever possible. Members of the Belfry Advisory Committee have undertaken work in seven other towers, whilst test rings have taken place at another four with a view to restoration. A great deal of time and advice is given freely to enable much maintenance work to be carried out, so that the bells across the Guild are kept in as good working order as possible.

Guild Finances

The Guild accounts for 2007 show that the Guild finances remain healthy. Subscription and Peal Fee income continues to be apportioned equally between the General Fund and the Restoration Fund, whilst Gift Aid refunds are allocated in full to Restoration. Deposit account interest is apportioned to the Restoration, Jubilee, and Pipe Family Trust funds in the ratio of their respective capital sums.

General Fund

The balance on this fund has risen by £500, as a result of lower than normal expenses (in particular, administrative costs, and annual report and newsletter printing costs) and an increase in income (notably from peal fees and subscriptions – although the latter reflects some late payment of 2006 subs.) The fund opening balance for 2008 therefore comfortably covers forecast expenditure for the year, allowing for proposed increased spending on recruitment & training and for some inflationary pressures.

Restoration Fund

Grants of £15,250 were made in 2007, against a fund income of £11,600. The sum still available for allocation is £28,870. The reserved amount for grants already made, but not yet disbursed, stands at £48,250; this reflects the often lengthy lead-time from grant allocation to project completion (when grants are paid out).


All money in the Guild's funds not required for normal working purposes shall be invested or deposited by the Treasurer as may be directed by the Guild Management Committee.
Grants from the Restoration Fund shall be authorized by the Guild Management Committee but shall only be paid after the work has been approved by the Guild Ringing Master and the Technical Adviser. Grants will normally be offered for work to restore bells and their fittings for full-circle ringing, but may include augmenting and other ancillary work associated with any such project.
Approved by the Trustees and signed on their behalf by:

W S GirlingK Ashton Jones
Chairman Treasurer
February 2008February 2008