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North West District
Striking Competition 2007
at Bacton

Saturday 30 June saw the first Striking Competition to be held in the North  West District for several years, and despite a bit of nail-biting by the organisers before the event, it turned out to be a very enjoyable and successful day, in fact, one of the best attended events we have had!!

Ringers were encouraged to make up their own teams and the competition was purely a call change one, in order to encourage newer and less experienced ringers to enter. It was great that ringers really rose to this challenge and it was particularly good to see not just a few of our newer ringers but whole bands of them! Special mention must go to the Palgrave and Gislingham joint band for entering a team, most of whom have not been ringing for very long at all.

Richard Munnings and Ruth Eagle (and their assistant, Baby Mason)did a great job of judging the contest from the luxury of Peter and Sheila's caravan and thanks go to them for making the journey over to Bacton and for their encouraging words.

The results were as follows;

1st Team 2 Stowmarket and Old Newton 6.5 faults
2nd Team 9 Young Ringers 7.5 faults
3rd Team 6 Bardwell 11.5 faults
4th Team 1 Buxhall 16 faults
5th Team 7 Bacton 17 faults
6th Team 3 Hopton and Hinderclay 18 faults
7th Team 4 Lesley's Other Team 30 faults
8th Team 8 Mary's Mixture 31 faults
9th Team 5 Palgrave and Gislingham 34.5 faults

Well done to everyone who took part so willingly and who helped make this
such a success! Start practising for next year!

Ruth Suggett