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NW District Quarter Peal Week 2007

It’s an encouraging sign that last year’s NW District Quarter Peal day had to be expanded to a whole week this year, and a very successful one it was too, with at least half of our members taking part and hardly any losses of attempts. In total, 13 quarters were scored with 5 different conductors. A quarter at Bury planned for the end of the week had to be postponed until next Sunday (29th) because of cathedral commitments, so fingers crossed for that one to make it 14.

School holidays running into the start of the week meant that a great opportunity presented itself for a day’s quarter peal ringing in the Mildenhall area on Monday 16th.  The glorious sunny weather must have had a beneficial effect as six out of six quarters were rung that day. On Marion Turner’s recommendation, most of us met up at the Plough Inn at Icklingham for lunch, which met with everyone’s approval – very clean, comfortable and welcoming!

Fortuitously for Carl Melville, his 20th birthday fell during the week so he had three quarters rung for that! Sarah Monk avoided ringing by having an operation on her shoulder but still managed to organise a quarter at her tower, in which Yvonne Green rang her first on the treble. The Ixworth Bowls Club celebrated their centenary and showed their appreciation of the ringing by inviting the ringers for a welcome cup of tea at their very luxurious clubhouse afterwards. In fact, many appreciative comments were received by ringers during the week and it’s great to know that the sound of church bells is held in such affection by the general public.

Special congratulations go Craig Gradidge (Mandy’s son, aged 13) who showed real determination in ringing his first quarter despite a massive blister on his finger which popped 15 minutes from the end! Well struck and not a foot wrong, Craig did himself proud. Well done, Craig!

Thanks go to everyone who took part in the whole week’s ringing, including incumbents and tower captains who helped to arrange things, sometimes at short notice.

Well done to everyone.

Sunday 15th April 2007
1280 P B Major
1 Mary Allum 5 Carl Melville
2 Carol Girling 6 Josephine Beever
3 Lesley Wilson 7 Brian Whiting
4 David Steed 8 Winston Girling (C)
40th anniversary of first ring after 1967 restoration of bells.
20th birthday compliment to Carl Melville, and also
birthday compliments to Lynda Allum, Susie Beever &
Julian Colman
Monday 16th April 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Kay D Nun 4 John Allen
2 Janet R Sheldrake 5 Gordon E Slack (C)
3 Lesley Wilson 6 Christopher R Nunn
Monday 16th April 2007
1320 Cambridge S Minor
1Joan Tipple4Louis Suggett (C)
2Sue Munford5Paul V Stannard
3Ruth Sugget6Steve Munford
First surprise as conductor    
Monday 16th April 2007
1296 Cambridge S Minor
1 Carol Girling 4 Joan Garrett
2 Carl Melville 5 Barry Dixon
3 Ruth Young 6 Winston Girling (C)
20th Birthday compliment to Carl Melville
Monday April 16th 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Kay Nunn 4 Carl Melville
2 Chris Nunn 5 Winston Girling (C)
3 Carol Girling 6 Robert Rolph
20th Birthday compliment to Carl Melville
Monday April 16th 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Louis Suggett (C) 4 Paul V Stannard
2 Ruth Young 5 Barry Dixon
3 Ruth Suggett    
Monday April 16th 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Joan Tipple 4 Steve Munford
2 Sue Munford 5 Gordon E Slack
3 Janet R Sheldrake    
Wednesday 18th April 2007
1309 P B Doubles
1 Yvonne Green 4 Ruth Suggett
2 Becky Munford 5 Louis Suggett (C)
3 Carl Munford 6 Steve Munford
First quarter: 1
Thursday 19th April 2007
1260 Doubles: (4m)
1 Ian Kendal 4 Mary Allum
2 David Steed 5 Josephine Beever
3 Lesley Wilson (C) 6 Graham Hickman
Thursday 19th April 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Ruth Suggett 4 Chris Moveley
2 Maurice Rose 5 Michael Royalton-Kisch
3 Louis Suggett (C)    
Best wishes to Sarah Monk
Saturday 21st April 2007
1259 P B Minor
1 Sandy Miles 4 Sue Munford
2 Becky Munford 5 Sal Burrows
3 Joan Tipple 6 Louis Suggett (C)
Sunday 22nd April 2007
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Craig Gradidge 4 Sal Burrows
2 Ruth Suggett 5 Maurice Rose (C)
3 Joan Tipple 6 Elizabeth Teverson
First quarter 1 (aged 13). Birthday compliment to HM The Queen,
and also Bert Boardman and Eric Nice, Rougham ringers,
and also to Craig’s Auntie Happy.
Golden Wedding celebration for Deryk and Barbara Worley.
22nd and last reunion of Rawlins 40/46 Association (bells not available at Quorn).
Sunday 22nd April 2007
1260 Doubles: (3m)
1 Kay Nunn 4 Chris Nunn
2 Ruth Suggett 5 Maurice Rose (C)
3 Louise Whitehead 6 Danny Willis
Rung for the 100th Anniversary of Ixworth Bowls Club and
birthday compliment to Jo Gray

Ruth Suggett