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Suffolk Guild of Ringers

Annual General Meeting, Saturday 18th April 2009

Constitution & Rule Amendments

The following amendments to the constitution and rules were passed (these amendments will take effect from January 1st 2010):

D6: revised as follows:


6.1 The President shall be the Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

6.2 A Suffragan Bishop within the Diocese shall be a Vice-President

6.3 A member may be elected as a Vice-President at an AGM.

6.4 A non-member may be elected as a Patron at an AGM.

6.5 Patrons and Vice-Presidents shall hold office without re-election, but may be removed by a resolution at an AGM. Vice-Presidents elected under 6.3 shall cease to hold office if they cease to be a member of the Guild.

D7: delete "Vice-Presidents may be elected.  Subscriptions and fees for the year beginning the following January shall be set at the AGM or a SGM".

[See H2 below]

D9: delete "to certify the accounts" and add "to act as Independent Examiner in accordance with The Charities Acts"

D10 (3rd line): delete "Certified".

E14: delete "applied to the work of the Guild in the restoration and maintenance of bells" and add "transferred to the Guild Restoration Fund"

F24: add "and the secretary shall maintain an up-to-date inventory of other Guild assets"

G 26.2 Delete "1 Jan following" and insert "the date given in the proposal"

H2 (2nd line after "year"): add "and shall be set at the preceding AGM, or a SGM".

K16 (3rd line): add "(including District)"

Handbell Regulations Delete 8 [duplication of 6]

Minutes of the 2008 AGM

New page added to the Minutes menu.