Friday 15th November 2019

Resources for Learners and Teachers

Title Source Target audience
Bell diagram wordsearch CCCBR Learner (bell handling)
Ringing jargon – plain hunt CCCBR Learner (plain hunt)
Ringing jargon - plain hunt worksheet CCCBR Learner (plain hunt)
Named pieces of work CCCBR Learner (methods)
The Learning Curve - ringing jargon Ringing World article Learner (more advanced)
Silencing  a bell - 3 different ways Kent County Association Teacher
39 steps to ringing bob doubles CCCBR Teacher
The Learning Curve - index Ringing World

Learners and teachers.
A series of regular articles on teaching and learning that were published in The Ringing World.
Most of the articles were written by John Harrison.